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Additional Dragonslayer Weights


Your Dragonslayer isn't heavy enough already? You must be a serious warrior! Additional weights are not for the feint of heart! I have to tell you I don't recommend attempting to use them until you can perform at least 10 swings with good form on each side. Once you put them on, start with the basic swings again. Slow progression...

Ashman Shield Bell


The Ashman Shieldbell is an adjustable shield that can be loaded with standard 2 inch plates. It's an extremely unique piece of equipment that loads weight near the elbow, creating a very different leverage point than a standard dumbbell or kettlebell. Holding it in any position will challenge your upper body muscles. Using it with your workout will train new...

Ashman Sticker


Any item can be exciting with a fun sticker! Add a little extra motivation and joy to your life with these durable vinyl stickers. They will serve as a perfect reminder to live your life to the fullest. • High opacity film that’s impossible to see through • Fast and easy bubble-free application • Durable vinyl, perfect for indoor use...

Ashman tank top


The uniform of legends. The Ashman logo symbolizes strength, integrity, and achieving one's goals through consistent strategic effort. It is a reminder to yourself to work your dreams into reality, and lets everyone who sees you in it know you're on the path to mastery. Plus, they're super comfortable and look badass! It’s always a good decision to invest in...

Buster Sword Replica


A 6 foot replica of the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7. Handmade, hand painted. The handle comes taped. Weighs 17lbs. As with the Dragonslayer, due to high demand new orders can expect a 6-8 week delay in production time. We are working as fast as we can to get everyone their swords without cutting the quality that goes into...

Dragonfly Clubs


Combining functionality from Persian Club swinging with design inspirations based off the wings of a dragonfly, and of course, using the two point adjustable weight system from the Dragonslayer! These modular adjustable weight clubs are flat to allow easy storage! The movements from Eastern styles of strength training are vital for shoulder health and pain free movement through the full...

Dragonslayer™ Mini


The Dragonslayer™ now has a little sibling! Standing at 5 feet tall with a 14 inch handle, its proportions are adjusted to create the same leverage ratio for all the short kings and queens who want to get the benefits of leveraged based training. It's also great to use for beginners, as well as drop sets after swinging your full...

Grimoire Replica


The behemoth Grimoire replica is a functional work of art. Weighing at approx. 23lbs, and standing at a whopping 78” tall, this custom handmade sword will be the centerpiece of any collection. Made from hand selected grade 1 Douglas fir, given a custom multilayered paint job and protective clear coat for maximum durability. The handle and cross guard are reinforced...

Starting Strength program with The Dragonslayer Mini by Kinetic Coach Dan


Elevate your fitness journey with specially crafted workouts designed to teach anyone how to benefit from the Dragonslayer. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just beginning your wellness adventure, our dynamic and expert-led videos cater to all levels. Unleash the full potential of your workouts by seamlessly integrating The Dragonslayer with targeted routines, ensuring a fun and challenging approach...

The Dragonslayer™


The Dragonslayer™ is the ultimate leverage based strength training tool, combining functional elements from Persian Club training, Kettlebell Sport, and Martial Arts. The design is inspired by its legendary namesake, The Dragonslayer™ from the series Berserk. The raw strength gained from training with the 6 foot sword improves one’s ability in all fields of physicality, and there’s a genuine difference...